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Every season the Cleveland Clinic puts out a print magazine for their donors to show how their generous donations have helped people around the world. Accompanying the print magazine is a digital version with exclusive stories and videos for the readers.

This particular season had a special issue that highlighted 100 stories from patients of the Cleveland Clinic. Each story is unique and tells how the Clinic was able to help them better their lives.

At the agency, we wanted to make sure this issue stood out from the rest.



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When researching this project, we already knew a lot about the brand and how they wanted their digital magazines to be portrayed. We looked at sites that held over 100s of articles, images, videos, etc. to get an idea of how we should handle these many pages. Like the other issues, we knew a CMS would help us get this project done by the deadline, as well as keep the stories feeling consistent with each other.



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After countless iterations, we landed on a simple block structure that would allow for various sizes images, or no image at all. I wanted the content of the story to be the focus of the page, not the design.

Keeping the pages readable and scannable was important. I didn’t want any unnecessary animations or decoration to distract from the story.


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The issue received many views from donors and was well received by the client. This project pushed boundaries for our team and allows us to explore more of what we can do on the web as well as in a CMS platform.

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