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Middough is an engineering, architectural, and management services company that provides full-servicing for major projects, to consulting for a range of requirements between small and global organizations.

They had asked for a redesign of their website since it hadn’t been touched in some time. We were tasked with bringing it to the 21st century. The client wanted to bring in more imagery, more detail about the industries they serve, as well as a more visually pleasing design for their clients and potential customers. As a team, we worked hard to create a clean design for their new site that would represent their values as well as their professionalism.



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As the lead designer of this project, I knew that we needed this site to be expandable. I took a modular approach to this site so the client could add or remove any content they wanted. Since the client wanted a simple design, this approach was the perfect solution.



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For this site we wanted to put more focus on the imagery. We took inspiration from similar websites that didn't have a lot of moving parts or pieces, just showcase their work. The client had some requirements to the site like the video hero that shows what industries they work in, and the ability to add and remove content as they please. So that those factored in, we created a very simple and easy to navigate website that would feature their work and the markets that work in.


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With this project I learned that sometimes, simple is better than complex. That we can be subtle with our designs and it can still be very effective. That is something I try to remember with all my web projects. We don't have to make the site layered, the design can be easy, which can end up being the best.

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