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Tarkett is a global flooring company that create great spaces for their clients. They work with commercial businesses, hospitalities and residential locations to provide the best flooring or sports surface solutions with an expansive selection of flooring from hard to soft surfaces.

For this project I was the lead designer and part UX designer. The agency was asked to create a pdf builder for Tarkett salesman to use when creating a brochure for their clients of possible flooring solutions for each project. We had to make sure the site was easy to navigate and had the functionality to search and filter through collections and lines of flooring and any level of the site.



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With this project, we went back and forth with the client to make sure the site served the salesmen best since they would be on this site creating PDFs on the fly. So we looked into sites that had a similar user experience to pull inspiration from.



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Knowing that this site is going to be used by salesmen, we wanted to keep the page simple and easy to use so they can quickly create their documents for their customers.

Adding images at the category level allows for easy recognition of floor type.
We omitted that feature from the collection level to reduce page size since the pages would be holding an extensive amount of colorways and collections.


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