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MIM Software is a healthcare tech company that specializes in reading DICOM images with their patented software. Their products are used across the world to help diagnosis and treat patients with various health conditions.

They wanted to update the look of their product pages on their website to encourage more user engagement. Using their existing site, I dug into what they had already to see if we can build off of it.  



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I conducted a UX audit of the site to see where we can improve, what we can consolidate, and what we can add to make the experience for the user better. Working alongside the marketing director and product marketers, we developed a new format for the product pages that would give room for storytelling. I created wireframes to support the new direction. With this new layout, we would identify the problem and present the solution, while giving extra content around the products, like blogs, guides, brochure, etc.



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I came up with a newer look and feel for the product pages that followed the goal of storytelling. Removing the zig-zag pattern that was on the site before, we introduced different modules and layouts for the content. This allowed us to feature certain text in their own containers to highlight important information.

We are using more of our blue and purple color palette since it relates better to healthcare and tech, as well as being easy on the eyes for color contrast.


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Below is a link to a product page on MIM Software's website where you can see how the new design functions on a live site.

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