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ContainerPort Group supplies transportation and intermodal services to businesses throughout the Midwest and East coast. They have a fleet of over 1300 independent contract drivers, and a network in excess of 500 transportation experts to provide their clients with expert supply chain services.

Our client needed a new website to support their new services as well as bring them more customers that they were losing to competitors such as Prime and XPO Logistics. As a team, we pulled inspiration from the competitor sites to see what they were doing that our client wasn’t such as design, content and user experience.


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The main purpose of the site is to bring in new customers to ship with them as well as drive for them. We took a modular approach to this site since the site was built in a HubSpot CMS. The modules are designed to allow for new pages to be built easily without a pattern to follow. Each module can be stacked in any order and feel cohesive. We used subtle animations to give the site some movement as well as help slow down load speed on the site due to its heavy use of imagery.


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This project taught me a lot about what can and cannot be done on a CMS platform. We learned that we can really push the boundaries of a drag and drop environment.

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